A old fashioned fruit which we have transformed into a modern classic by adding our secret mix of herbs and spices. This combination is a smooth, mellow yet distinctive all day vape which brings back memories of a long forgotten fruit with overtones of warmth and depth which you cant quiet place.


Is a fruit from the mystical east with origins in China and then later in Japan. Very aromatic, almost bitter with grapefruit overtones to which we added natural sweet flavors to compliment and enhance this mystical fruit. The result is a juice that leaves you wanting more and leaves a soft lingering flavor long after you have finished vaping.


is everybody’s favourite melon but we have used other fruits to sharpen the smooth mellow flavour of the melon. It is a great all day juice which brings the summer memories and has a feel good flavour to bring the sunshine into your day.


has it all in abundance with a healthy kick of pop to balance the acidic nature of the fruits. This is a real crowd pleaser and another great all day vape.